SIMPLE Lotion Bar Recipe

Yesterday was full of lotion recipe experimentation and football playoffs.  Since the afternoon was going to be dominated with chips, dip, family, and football, I decided to take on my lotion bar recipe experimentation in the morning.  I think I like this recipe… I certainly like this one better than the first recipe I tried.

1/2 cup beeswax
1/3 cup mango butter
1/3 cup shea butter
These measurements work well for a small test batch, which is what I was going for.


I used products from Bramble Berry, which is my go-to soap, shampoo, and lotion bar product supplier.


Since I do not own a double boiler, I began by boiling about 2 inches of water in a sauce pan.  I placed an old pizza sauce jar in the water and added the beeswax.


Once the beeswax was almost completely melted, I added the mango butter.  The shea butter came soon after that.  I stirred the mixture about every 5 minutes while I set up the silicone molds.  I’ve read that you can add these ingredients to the jar at the same time, but I have also read that shea butter can be finicky when overheated… it turns a bit grainy.  Since this is a very easy process, I decided to play it safe and add each ingredient separately.  I’ve gotten too confident in the past and have ruined recipes and good ingredients.

IMG_2446 << Mango        Shea  >> IMG_2447

Once melted (if you wanted to add fragrance or essential oils, this is your time to do it), I slowly poured the liquid into my trusty silicone cupcake molds.  You can see the bars beginning to solidify in the photo on the right (nothing is in the yellow cup, by the way).

IMG_2452    IMG_2456

You can remove the lotion bars from the molds when they are completely solid, which should take only a few hours.  I went to my football activities and removed the bars the next day.  Here is the final product!  My husband noted that the bars look like white chocolate peanut butter bars (touche, Husband) and that he wanted to eat one.  I actually have rectangle molds to use for the bars that I intend to sell and give as gifts.  The cupcake fake-outs are only around for testing and overflow.  Until then, I’ll be sure to put Mr. Yuck stickers around them 🙂


Until next experiment!